The University of Sunderland Business School hosts a series of guest lectures by leaders in their fields in support of students employability, attainment and acculturation. Click on the LINKs below to view the presentations.


The Business Case for Human-Centric AI  LINK

Richard Foster Fletcher explores the amazing world of AI and untapped opportunities


The Choices, Not Your Chances, Will Determine Your Destiny LINK

Nasreen Ali describes how to keep motivated and achieve success


Playdale An Award Winning Journey Selling Fun Across The Globe LINK

Barry Leahey MBE provides career insights and techniques on employability


How I Managed To Get A Naked Bloke Into The Window Of 140 Moss Bros Stores LINK

Jemima Bird describes how to excel in the world of advertising


From Just Managing To Managing Millions LINK

Stuart Junk‘s presentation on how to excel in life and your career


From a Council Estate to a Global CEO – Anything is Possible LINK

Chris Ashton reflects on his career becoming a global CEO


Working class lad to successful entrepreneur LINK

Howard McCain explores taking big career decisions and become an entrepreneur


Career Observations from a 1988 Graduate of the University of Sunderland LINK

Gary Watson describes the art of grasping opportunities for business and personal growth


ArmaTrex – Innovation at Work LINK

Dik Barton reflects on his aspirations, opportunities and achievements


Tired, Frustrated, Lonely – The True Journey of an Entrepreneur LINK

Simon Howatson presents an honest and actual account of entrepreneurialism and its effect on themselves and those around