National Teaching Fellowship is conferred upon individuals who have demonstrated through a rigorous and competitive peer reviewed process that they have made a significant impact on both student outcomes and the teaching profession in higher education. The University of Sunderland’s current National Teaching Fellows are:

Professor Mark Davies

Doctor Catherine Hughes

Doctor Adelle Hulsmeier

Professor Alastair Irons

Professor Kevin Petrie

Doctor Sheila Quaid

Mr Andrew Sturrock

Doctor Maddalena Taras

Doctor John Unsworth


The Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) recognises and rewards the key role that teamwork plays in enhancing teaching and learning through collaborative approaches in higher education. The University of Sunderland’s CATE winners are:

Crime Awareness Student Film Projects (2019)
In collaboration with Northumbria Police and its Sexual Assault Referral Centre
The University of Sunderland has a sustained (six year) collaborative relationship with Northumbria Police’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC). This affords Level six undergraduate students from BA (Hons) Drama and Digital Film Production the opportunity to produce films that increase awareness of complex category serious crime.
Foundation Press (2018)
Foundation Press is run by Joe Woodhouse, Adam Phillips and Deborah Bower; staff from the Foundation Diploma and the Art and Design Extended BA (Hons) programmes, within the University of Sunderland, based at the National Glass Centre.
Northern Centre of Photography (2016)
The NEPN team (Alexandra Moschovi, Carol McKay, Arabella Plouviez, Dave Harvey, Amanda Ritson) is based in the Northern Centre of Photography, University of Sunderland. With support from Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts, NEPN functions as a research and development agency for photography in the North East region. Since 2009, the team has commissioned a number of major new photography projects, as well as producing the region’s first International Festival of Photography.


The University of Sunderland is accredited by AdvanceHE to award Fellowships to our staff who meet the requirements of the UKPSF demonstrating to all stakeholders that the institution and the individual are committed to educational excellence.